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Hand plate surface treatment process

12, May. 2022

Hand model after processing, generally after grinding, sandblasting, polishing, oil spraying, screen printing, oxidation, electroplating and other processes, these specific how to do? Four common processes are selected for a brief introduction today.

Hand plate surface treatment process

1) Hand plate polishing

The use of sandpaper on the appearance of the workpiece friction, in order to remove the burr on the surface of the workpiece, machining lines, bonding traces and other defects, so as to improve the smoothness of the workpiece, reduce the roughness of the workpiece surface smooth, fine.

2) Hand painting

Hand painting is one of the most widely used surface technology in Shenzhen hand factory. Spraying has the following advantages:

Hand plate surface treatment process

(1) Cover the surface defects of the workpiece after forming;

(2) Hand spray paint can produce different colors, different gloss, different visual effects and different feel;

(3) enhanced the workpiece surface hardness and abrasion resistance; Spraying effects are: matte, semi matte, light and so on.

3) Hand sandblasting

Hand plate surface treatment process

Sandblasting is using compressed air as the power, to form a high-speed jet beam will be need to spray materials quartz sand high-speed into the processing surface of workpiece, the workpiece surface due to the abrasive and the impact of cutting effect, make the surface of the workpiece for cleanliness and different roughness, the workpiece can improve the mechanical properties of the surface, thus improve the fatigue resistance of the workpiece, Can also cover some of the processing of fine knife marks.

4) Hand plate oxidation

Hand plate factory do more aluminum alloy anodic oxidation, is the metal surface and oxygen or oxidant action to form a protective oxide film, to prevent metal corrosion, is electrochemical oxidation.

Hand plate surface treatment process

Anodic oxidation produced by the oxide film is thicker, the thickness is generally in 5-20VM, hard anodic oxidation film thickness can reach 60-2500VM, high hardness, good wear resistance, good chemical stability, good corrosion resistance, good adsorption capacity, good insulation performance, heat insulation resistance, can be used on a variety of colors.

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