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Basic knowledge of hand model coloring

30, Apr. 2022

Customers in order confirmation hand-board model, hand drawing usually comes with a table of BOM, it will indicate the standard color request, such as matte or glossy, some customers can provide hand need what color, but they could not provide an accurate color card number, then we will need to confirm color to the customer. Hand plate processing industry is more common color card is Pantone color card, and Raul color card, these need customers to choose

Basic knowledge of hand model coloring

Pantone color card is a universal color card for making hand plate models. You can find your favorite color by the color number on it. After selecting the color, the oil spraying master of hand plate factory knows the specific Pantone color number, and can adjust oil according to the color number and spray oil for the product.

Plastic hand plate model before coloring, polishing master to be polished, polished when polished to smooth, clear Angle, glue bonding can not have obvious traces, grinding to go through several times, after polishing to spray primer, grinding again, after filling ash and other processes, and then the last time of grinding

Basic knowledge of hand model coloring

Aluminum alloy hand plate should be polished first before coloring. When polishing, the main consideration is smoothness of the product, clear Angle, etc., especially pay attention to the accuracy requirements, and can not be polished at will. In addition, aluminum alloy hand plate color is generally sprayed metal paint.

But some hand to color is more difficult, such as PP, nylon and match steel, these materials of hand model generally do not need to color, because it is easy to fade. These materials are suitable for those hands with high wear-resisting strength, mainly gears and other assembly parts, rather than appearance of hands.

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