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How to make plastic hand proofing

12, Apr. 2022

The production of soft rubber hand plate is fast, low cost, and can greatly reduce the cost, cycle and risk of the product.

The processing method of soft rubber hand plate adopts vacuum compound mold to process, which is generally divided into 3 steps:

1. Use CNC, SLA, or 3D printing to process the prototype and make the nozzle;

How to make plastic hand proofing

2. Surround the prototype with a board to prepare for making the mold;

How to make plastic hand proofing

3. The liquid silica gel pumped by the vacuum machine is poured into the mold, and the product is fully covered

How to make plastic hand proofing

4. Put the mold into the oven to bake, so that the silica gel mold can accelerate curing molding;

5. Take out the prototype from the mold;

6. According to the material required by the product, vacuum pouring, copy the finished product.

Soft plastic hand plate is soft, the material of the composite mold production is generally TPU, or PP, the hardness is generally between 30~90 degrees, the more common soft plastic hand plate model has soft plastic hand plate for remote control keys, telephone keys and some soft plastic hand plate used in other places.

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