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Hand board production concept and function

30, May. 2022

3D printing hand plate is one or several functional samples made according to product appearance drawings or structural drawings to check the rationality of appearance or structure under the premise of no mold opening.

Hand function

1. Inspection design

Hand plate is not only visible, but also can be touched, so hand plate can be very intuitive in the form of the physical reflection of the designer's creativity, to avoid the "draw out good and do not look good" drawbacks. Therefore hand plate production in the development of new products, product shape is essential in the process of deliberation.

Hand board production concept and function

2. Inspection structure design

Because the hand plate can be assembled, so the hand plate can intuitively reflect the reasonable structure of the product, the difficulty of installation, easy to find problems as early as possible, to solve the problem.

Hand board production concept and function

3. Avoid the risk of directly opening molds

Because the cost of mold manufacturing is generally very high, the larger mold is worth hundreds of thousands or even millions. If the structure is found unreasonable or other problems in the process of opening the mold, the loss can be imagined. And hand plate production can avoid this loss, reduce the risk of die.

4. Make the product launch time greatly advance

Because the hand plate production is ahead, you can use the hand plate for product publicity before the development of the mold, and even early sales, production preparation, early occupation of the market.

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