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SLA 3D Printing Services

13, Jun. 2023

SLA 3D Printing Services by Ai di Prototypes

SLA 3D Printing

Stereolithography or SLA is one of the original 3D printing technologies and one of the most versatile. Our custom SLA Printing Service builds parts layer by layer from a photocurable resin. A high powered UV laser is focused onto the build platform to cure the material one layer at a time.

SLA offers a range of material options and provides parts with great accuracy using CAD and a good surface finish. The parts need to be built with support structures which are removed after the SLA 3D Printing process. SLA is a great option for prototypes and low volume production. Please contact us for more information.

Advantages of SLA 3D Printing

Advantages of using our SLA 3D Printing Service

  • Great for aesthetic models      6296b93e5e644.jpg

    Good surface finish/parts can be finished

    High accuracy and detail/resolution

    Wide range of materials including transparentFast and inexpensive

SLA is fast, inexpensive and accurate, so is often used for pre-production assembly prototypes, as well as low volume or bespoke production parts such as hearing aids. Due to its good surface finish and ability to create fantastic aesthetic models, SLA is a solution often used for concept presentations and tradeshows – along with other high detail, complex prototypes and products. Stereolithography 3D printed parts are great for communication, sales and marketing models.

What SLA 3D Printing used for?

SLA is a good choice for prototypes and low volume production where accurate parts with a smooth surface finish are required. There are a range of different materials including high temperature and transparent options. SLA is used for aesthetic models and pre-production assembly prototypes as well as low volume or bespoke production parts requiring high tolerances, or complex geometries.

                                                      SLA 3D Printing Tips    


SLA produces parts which are highly accurate to CAD and can producehighly complex shapes and geometries. The parts are generally quoted byvolume or weight and so in order to keep costs down you can hollow out anythick sections but must remember to leave escape holes for the uncurecmaterial.

SLA can deal with thick and thin sections without much trouble but due tothe resolution of the printers any walls or other features should be at leasto.4mm wide and high.

You can download our SL A design tips here

To talk to us about your SLA for prototype or production get in touch with ourteam here.

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